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The Future of Marketing: 5 Predictions for 2019

Marketing Predictions 2019

Content,Google / 2018-12-21

We are acting in a evolving and interesting business – digital markerting. Here are 5 predictions for you to reflect on during the holidays.

Our WSI marketing team has come up with these predictions – thank You for sharing Cheryl Baldwin,  Director of Marketing Communications at WSI Home Office!


#1: Google Searches Resulting in “Zero Clicks” Will Increase (Again)

The aforementioned Rand Fishkin has been warning us about “zero click” searches for a while now, and we’re listening. The game is once again changing, and to ignore the significance of searchers clicking SERP results less often is to get totally left behind.


Zero result in SERP

#2: On-SERP SEO Becomes a Term and a Tactic

We’ve written about why you need to care about on-SERP SEO, and in 2019, we predict that “On SERP SEO” becomes the latest buzzword in the marketing world. Something has to give here. We’re surprised more people aren’t talking about how much SERPs are changing, or alarmed by how fast actual clicks are declining.

If the trend continues like we expect it to, the companies that find a way to do amazing on-SERP SEO will be the biggest winners.

#3: Game-Changing Influencer Marketing Tools Make a Big Splash

The big one we’re waiting for is SparkToro, a company that states its goal as the following:

“Our mission is to make it easier to discover the websites, blogs, podcasts, social accounts, and publications that reach your audience.”

Sounds not only a sorely needed, but absolutely fantastic tool. We can’t wait to use it!

#4: Marketers Realize the Importance of Optimizing Content for Voice Search

We touched on voice search in our recent post about the four content marketing ideas you should try in 2019, so we’re going to double down here. With the rise (and vast improvement) of smart speakers and digital assistants, the use of voice search is becoming more prevalent. And yes, you guessed it – voice search is another thing responsible for less clicks on SERPs. Content that’s optimized for voice search will outperform content that isn’t in 2019 and beyond.

#5: Video Content Grows in Popularity (Again)

This prediction is related to both #1 and #4. You already know that video is a great way to ignite your marketing campaigns. Smart marketers also know that Google will still feature videos on SERPs, which makes sense since Google owns YouTube. Not that video wouldn’t grow in popularity anyway, but it’s nice to know video isn’t going to take a hit despite Google actively trying to decrease clicks on SERPs.

As for video getting a boost from voice search, this is already happening on smartphones and tablets, but when smart speakers with displays begin to hit the marketing, the impact will be even more pronounced.

Video marketing

That’s it for WSI’s predictions for the future of marketing in 2019 and beyond!

Until next year – cheers and happy holidays, we wish nothing but the best for all our friends, readers, customers and partners! Here’s to a banner year in 2019!